Here you will find out about our procedure for new admissions and information for New Starters
Registration of Interest


If you are considering applying for a place at Bradworthy Pre-School in the coming school year please complete our Registration of Interest form.  By submitting the Registration of Interest form we will endeavour to meet your requirements when your child is ready for Pre-School. 


Completion of this form involves no obligation on either side for a place at the Pre-School to be offered or accepted.




You will be contacted within 2 weeks of receipt of this form and further contact will be made closer to your intended start date.

Admissions Information


It is the intention of Bradworthy Pre-school to make our setting accessible to children and families from all sections of the local community. We aim to ensure that all sections of our community have access to the setting through open, fair and clearly communicated procedures.  You may view the full Admissions Policy within our Policy and Procedures document which may be downloaded from the Parents Area of our website. 


We will endeavour to provide a place to children moving into the Bradworthy Area. 


Places are not confirmed until a member of staff has confirmed receipt of the Enrolment forms.  Until this form is completed we will not process your application. 


Applications for places at Pre-School will be dealt with in date order of submission of either a registration of interest form or completed enrolment documents.

Please note that the pre-school is run independently of Bradworthy Primary Academy and that a place at the Pre-School does not in any way guarantee a place at the Academy. Equally, the Academy has no influence on our admissions procedure.


From time to time we may close to new admissions and operate a waiting list, as detailed in our Admissions Policy.  Staff will keep you up to date if you are seeking a place during these times. 



New Starters Summary
Enrolment Procedure


To make an application for a place at Bradworthy Pre-School you will need to complete and submit our Enrolment Form.  An application to join may be made at any time but a place and sessions will be reserved for no more than a term in advance


Please note until enrolment forms are submitted we will not process your application. 






A member of staff will contact you upon recepit of this form to confirm your requirements and start date.