Bags 2 School Collection Wednesday 13th November

The prefect opportunity to clear out your summer wardrobe!

As some of you know the school and ourselves usually have a bags2school collection twice a year to raise funds. This year is much the same but rather than the preschool getting money from what we collect our bundle will be going in with the schools collection. This is because the PTA have a mammoth task of raising funds for a new building for the school so we thought as many of our children will benefit in the future from the new building we would support all the PTA's fundraising efforts of the next 12 months rather than holding our own.

You should have all received a slip and bag concerning the bags2school collection and what can be collected on your child's preschool peg. We appreciate that some of you don't come in on a Wednesday so are happy to take any bags at the preschool from now until the collection.

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